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A Day in the Life of an HVAC Technician

Morning Routine

The day starts early for the dedicated HVAC technicians at Kelley Brothers. After fueling up with a hearty breakfast, I head to the office to review my schedule and gather the necessary tools and equipment for the day’s assignments.

First Call: AC Installation

My first stop is a residential home in Westland, MI, where the homeowners have requested a new central air conditioning system installation. After a thorough assessment of their existing setup, I explain the process and recommend the best energy-efficient unit to meet their cooling needs. With their approval, I begin the meticulous installation process, ensuring proper ductwork connections, refrigerant charging, and electrical wiring.

Midday Break

Around lunchtime, I take a brief break to recharge and grab a quick bite. It’s important to stay hydrated and nourished during these physically demanding days.

Afternoon Calls: Repairs and Maintenance

  1. The next stop is a commercial property in Garden City, MI, where the building manager has reported an issue with their rooftop HVAC unit. Upon inspection, I identify a malfunctioning compressor and proceed to replace it, ensuring the system is running smoothly before moving on.

  2. In Livonia, MI, a long-time customer requires routine maintenance on their home’s air conditioning system. I perform a thorough cleaning, change the air filters, and check for any potential issues that could lead to future breakdowns.

  3. The final call of the day takes me to Redford, MI, where a family’s central air conditioning unit has stopped working altogether. After troubleshooting the issue, I determine that the problem lies with the capacitor. I replace the faulty component, and their cool air is restored.

Wrapping Up

As the sun begins to set, I head back to the office to complete paperwork, log service reports, and prepare for the next day’s adventures in the world of HVAC. It’s a rewarding feeling to know that my work has kept countless homes and businesses comfortable, no matter the weather outside.